Saturday, May 5, 2012


Saturday May 5 is a busy day -- Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, a supermoon -- but don't miss Bob Cronin's Circle Paintings at the David M. Hunt Library.

When visiting Robert Cronin’s Falls Village home and studio, one will immediately notice the proliferation of canvases carefully grouped in every available storage space. For a career that goes back to the late 1950s and stretches from Boston to RISD and from New York to the Berkshires, that’s a lot of work to view. At first, it seems that an abrupt change had occurred in Cronin’s paintings. There are figurative allegories that remind one of film stills. There are bright geometrics in a walk-in closet. There is still life in the bathroom. When viewed chronologically, the work follows a clear path, a narrowing of focus, and a return to its abstract beginnings.

The transition of Cronin’s work from still-life to abstraction can be seen in this new exhibit where the Circle Paintings are juxtaposed with a few still-life canvases that immediately precede the circle work. Here the viewer will see traditional still-life objects morphing into circles that break through the confinements of the still-life space with animated movement.

Robert Cronin: The Circle Paintings
Reception: Saturday, May 5th, 5pm to 7pm
Exhibit: May 4 through June 2
FREE, wheelchair accessible
David M. Hunt Library, 63 Main Street, Falls Village

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